THO Exclusive Insight with Dr. Kemal Kirisci of Brookings

An Exclusive Insight on Turkey’s Role in Addressing the Syrian Refugee Crisis

World Refugee Day message

20 Jun 17

What is your message to the global community for World Refugee Day?

THO Exclusive Insight with Dr. Kemal Kirisci of Brookings: Syrian Refugee Crisis and Turkey's Role

20 Jun 17

What is your assessment of Turkey’s role & effectiveness in addressing the Syrian refugee crisis?

Policy Recommendations

20 Jun 17

If you could give one policy recommendation to Turkey, and one to the U.S. and one to the EU, what would these be?

Contrast Between Turkey’s and the EU’s Reaction to the Refugees

20 Jun 17

In your 2015 report titled “Not Likely to Go Home” you mention Dr. Frank Duvell’s amazement about the absence of societal panic in Turkey. Why was there such a stark contrast between Turkey’s and the EU’s reaction to the refugees? How much of a factor did this play in the EU – Turkey deal?

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