The Turkish Heritage Organization (THO) is a young, independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes discussion and dialogue around Turkey’s role in the international community and issues of importance in the U.S.-Turkey bilateral relationship, as well as an analysis of the NATO alliance and geopolitics of the region. 

Founded by a group of Turkish-Americans with backgrounds in community leadership and run by a staff with demonstrated interest in and commitment to Turkish-American relations, the NATO alliance and international cooperation. THO strongly believes that any successful bilateral relationship rests on cooperation and constructive discussion between the people of both countries. Without taking an institutional position on political issues, THO and its Advisory Board of global scholars and practitioners strive to foster a deep and comprehensive dialogue that is independent of any political orientation to strengthen the relationship between Turkey and the U.S. a better understanding of international institutions like NATO, as well as the larger international community.

THO’s events, programs, research, and publications provide a unique platform for exploring six critical issues in the U.S.-Turkey relationship:

  Security  Energy
  Education  Economy
  Humanitarian Aid  Technology

To highlight these key issues, THO actively partners with leading think tanks, universities, and nonprofit organizations to host roundtables, panel discussions, and various other programs. Additionally, THO works with Turkish and American academics, experts, government officials, and practitioners to produce timely and independent analysis and research on developments in U.S.-Turkey relations.


The strong partnership between the U.S. and Turkey is rooted in common values and strategic interests, and it is reinforced by the enduring links between the people of both countries. As an organization with Turkish-American roots and broad diaspora networks, we believe it is extremely important to embrace and build on these shared values and relationships to continue increased international cooperation and partnership.

Through its programs and publications, THO aims to encourage and facilitate strong U.S.-Turkey relations and strengthening of the NATO alliance by fostering a better understanding between the people of both countries and international communities.