Developments in Syria and Continued Crisis - What's Next?

Developments in Syria and Continued Crisis - What's Next?

13 Oct 21

On October 13th, 2021, the Turkish Heritage Organization hosted a virtual panel discussion called, “Developments in Syria and the Continued Crisis: What’s Next?”. The panel was moderated by Emily Milliken, THO contributor, Senior VP at Askari, and Junior Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council. THO was joined by an esteemed panel, including Amb. (ret.) Robert S. Ford, the former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, as well as Amb. (ret.) Omer Onhon, former Turkish Ambassador to Syria. 

The panel provided insights into a variety of topics related to the ongoing situation in Syria and its impacts internationally. It began with both panelists discussing the current situation in Syria. Amb. Ford began by noting that the Assad regime appears poised to remain in power despite Opposition forces. He also noted that this raises a variety of questions, including what will happen to areas of Syria that are not under Assad control. Amb. Onhon noted the fragile state of affairs in Syria, and that although there has been a decrease in violence with the acknowledgement that the Assad regime will remain in power, that is not a guarantee of future peace. Amb. Onhon also highlighted the issue of areas in Syria not under Assad control, as well as the impact that the Syrian Civil War has had domestically in Turkey. 

The panel continued to discuss the impacts of these new developments within the context of NATO and the broader international community. Amb. Ford noted that NATO is not directly involved with Syria, although NATO member states are involved and do have shared interests in the region. Amb. Onhon continued the discussion by noting the impact of the Syrian Civil War on refugee flows, particularly in Turkey. Further, the panel provided insights to the future of the Syrian Crisis, and the implications it has for regional security, the U.S./Turkey relationship, as well as the broader international community. 

To watch the full event video, visit, and keep an eye out for future Turkish Heritage Organization events and publications.