The Future of the US-Turkey Relationship

The Future of the US Turkey Relationship

07 Dec 20

On December 7, 2020 the Turkish Heritage Organization hosted a timely webinar, The Future of the U.S.-Turkey relationship featuring Congressman Joe Wilson, Co-Chair of the Turkey Caucus, and Deputy Berat Conkar, Deputy Head of the Delegation, NATO Parliamentary Assembly Member, Turkish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee. This conversation was moderated by THO’s Nonresident fellow and co-founder of the organization Al-Fusaic, Meagan Dashcund

In analyzing the role of NATO both Congressman Joe Wilson and Deputy Conkar consistently reaffirmed the need for the transatlantic cooperation to continue but also to take a moment for reassessment. In order to realign and focus on the needs of not only the bilateral partnership but the transatlantic alliance as a whole. The panelists further discussed the role of the incoming US administration and how that would or would not impact the policies surrounding and impacting NATO. Further, the conversation addressed the need for continued security development to address the most pressing 21st century issues, while also reengaging their European counterparts to recommit. Deputy Conkar mentioned that the reestablishing of cohesion would take a reevaluation of priorities and reaffirming of commitments, while Congressman Wilson mentioned that no matter what the policies are mutually beneficial to work together and spoke to the continued partnership moving forward. 

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