Young Professionals Discussed Various Aspects of the U.S – Turkey relations  

On September 20th, THO hosted Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP), 
a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership based organization with over 10 thousand members in 70 countries, that works to train the next generation of foreign policy leadership, for a discussion on U.S.-Turkey relations with Ambassador Adam Ereli. 

During the event, members of the Middle East, Europe, and Grand Stragey discussion groups had the chance to exchange ideas and insights on various aspects of the U.S.-Turkey relationship, including the refugee crisis, Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield in northern Syria, and the failed coup attempt of July 15th. The roundtable discussion allowed for a candid and dynamic conversation between young professionals of varying backgrounds.

Ambassador Ereli drew on his diplomatic experience to offer insights on key aspects of the U.S.-Turkey partnership. The YPFP participants were asked to consider how the U.S. and Turkey can work more closely together on the refugee crisis. Some suggestions included focusing more on education and addressing current obstacles within Turkey’s bureacracy for handling the influx of refugees, while other participants noted the exceptional challenges associated with playing host to such a large refugee population. 

On Syria, participants discussed the possibilities for and challenges to U.S.-Turkey cooperation. Ambassador Ereli ended the discussion by reminding the participants that foreign policy begins and ends with geography, and thus, the U.S.’s policy toward Turkey will be shaped by the geopolitical realities of its neighborhood.