Turkey's "Operation Olive Branch": An Update on the Political and Military Situation

As Turkey's "Operation Olive Branch" to secure a buffer zone along its southern border with Syria against the People's Protection Units (YPG) nears its 60-day mark, Turkey and Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces claim to be closing in on the city of Afrin. The operation has increasingly become a political and military concern for the U.S., as U.S.-supported YPG forces have begun to divert their attention from fighting ISIS to fighting against Turkey.

Recent high-level visits by U.S. officials to Ankara, including Secretary Tillerson’s visit in February, indicate that despite critical statements, these two NATO allies are still interested in finding common ground to avoid permanently damaging the U.S.-Turkey relationship.

THO’s second teleconference on “Operation Olive Branch” will bring distinguished experts from Turkey and the U.S. together to provide an update on the ongoing operation’s political and military status.