THO Exclusive Insight With Prof. Dr. Denise Natali National Defense University Distinguished Research Fellow For The Institute For National Strategic Studies

An exclusive look into Challenges and Opportunities for the NATO Allies with regards to Syria and Iraq

National Defense University Distinguished Research Fellow for the Institute for National Strategic Studies and the author of two books in Kurds and national identities, Dr. Denise Natali provided her personal assessment of the regional developments in Syria, Iraq, and Turkey - U.S. relations in 2016. 

Evaluation of U.S. Policies in Iraq and Syria

22 Dec 16

“Focusing on local groups without fully understanding the geopolitical realities heightened the threat perception of our strategic allies”

U.S. Support for PYD and tensions with Turkey

22 Dec 16

“There were frustrations on both ends, U.S. engagement with local, sub-state actors created unintended consequences and tensions. Now we have a far more complicated problem”

PKK attacks in Turkey

22 Dec 16

“Turkey right now is vulnerable, there is PKK, DAESH and other radicalized groups trying to take advantage of the Syrian spill-over.”

Operation Euphrates Shield – did it achieve its aim?

22 Dec 16

“Turkey pushed back PYD and secured some areas. Vice President Biden’s statement regarding PYD must move to the east of the Euphrates or they won’t receive air coverage should have been made two years ago”

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