Exclusive Insight with Abdulaziz Tammo

Exclusive Insight interview with Abdulaziz Tammo, President of the Independent Kurdish Association

Abdulaziz Tammo - Turkish Military Operation in North and East Syria

29 Nov 19

Question: Turkey has carried out three operations in Northern Syria to clear its border of YPG and Daesh terrorists and create a safe zone in the area to resettle nearly 3 million refugees. How do you see this safe zone?

Abdulaziz Tammo - Kurdish perspective on the Turkish military operation

29 Nov 19

Question: Can you expand on the Kurds perspective on this situation?

Abdulaziz Tammo - U.S. influence in Syria and the U.S. - Kurdish relations

29 Nov 19

Question: A few critics have stated that recent U.S. policy in Syria has showed a decrease in U.S. leadership in the region and creating a deficit in American influence. So, my question is how do the Kurds view their relationship with the U.S. government?

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