NATO Weekly Roundup – Week of August 10th

Political Elements of NATO

“Coronavirus response: NATO delivers disinfectant to Ukraine”

  • As Ukraine works to combat a growing number of COVID-19 cases, NATO relivered 30,000 litres of surface disinfectant liquid to help. 

Military Exercises and Operations of NATO

“UK tried to form NATO coalition to keep troops in Afghanistan”

  • As NATO and US troops continue to exit Afghanistan, the UK worked to keep troops in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. 

“Statement by the acting NATO Spokesperson on the Mercer Street vessel attack”

  • NATO joined its allies in strongly condemning the recent fatal attack on the MV Mercer Street off the coast of Oman. 

“NATO donates over US $70 million in supplies, equipment to Afghan National Defence and Security Forces so far in 2021”

  • NATO has delivered military equipment to Afghanistan as the Alliance withdrawals its forces from the country.