CCTV America
Nov 19, 2015

THO Discusses ISIL and the Syrian Refugee Crisis on CCTV-America’s the Heat

THO Program Manager Provided a Post-G20 Evaluation of Turkey’s Position

China Central Television America’s (CCTV) daily news talk program the Heat, hosted THO’s Program Manager Yenal Kucuker to discuss Turkey’s position on terrorism and the refugee crisis after the G20 Summit.

Deadly attacks in Paris by ISIL cast a shadow on the G20 Summit in Turkey. Instead of focusing on global economic concerns, leaders gathered in Antalya spent more time discussing a unified strategy against ISIL. Yenal Kucuker was among the panel of guests that discussed, how the global narrative on terrorism was shaped and what were some of the takeaways of the G20 Summit.

Yenal Kucuker indicated that the G20 Summit played an important role in terms of unifying the leaders for developing a comprehensive strategy against ISIL. Noting that Turkey is no stranger to terrorism, Yenal Kucuker indicated that leaders of the G20 now had an urgency to contain ISIL where it had originated.

Responding to a question about Turkey’s sensitivities on the Kurdish issue, THO’s Program Manager said that the three decades-long conflict with PKK along with the geopolitical interests of groups such as the YPG, was complicating Turkey’s position. Yenal Kucuker indicated that not having a firm geopolitical alignment between Turkey and the various militia groups in Syria and Iraq should not be interpreted as that the solution depended on these groups.   

In terms of handling the refugee crisis, Yenal Kucuker argued that there was now a greater urgency to deal with the problem by the world leaders and focusing solely on funding was no longer a viable solution. Yenal Kucuker also argued that Europe, which has failed to take responsibility so far, was quick to blame Turkey. “A country that hosts over 2.2 million refugees and had spent over 8 billion dollars since the crisis began, simply cannot be blamed for facilitating the refugee crisis that had just started to impact Europe” said Yenal Kucuker.