CCTV America
Nov 9, 2015

THO Executive Vice President Provided Insights on Elections and Economy

China Central Television America (CCTV), which has over 88 million viewers, hosted Turkish Heritage Organization’s (THO) Executive Vice President Ali Cinar to talk about the recently held elections in Turkey and its impact on Turkish economy.

THO’s Executive Vice President stated that results of the election were an indication that Turks chose stability. “People in Turkey wanted to end the political gridlock that was hurting the economy. Political stability helps a great deal to the economic environment and economic stability” said Ali Cinar. He also noted that stability in the country will convince the business world to invest in Turkey.

Leaders of 20 countries will gather in Antalya, Turkey over the weekend for the G20 Summit. Cinar emphasized the importance of this summit for Turkey and said that in addition to being a great accomplishment, hosting the summit was a critical opportunity to showcase the incredible economic progress Turkey has made. Cinar also noted that terrorism and the Syrian refugee crisis will be on Turkey’s G20 agenda. “In addition to dealing with ISIS and PKK at the same time, Turkey is hosting two million refugees at a cost of 7 billion dollars. These are major challenges for the Turkish economy. Turkey needs the help of its Western Allies” said THO’s Executive Vice President.

Commenting on regional trade volumes, particularly with Syria and Iraq, Cinar noted that due to the ongoing civil war and political instability Turkey’s trade volume with these two neighbors was significantly impacted and the threat of increasing decline was growing.