Turkish Heritage Organization (THO) Statement on the Attempted Military Coup in Turkey

Turkish Heritage Organization (THO) strongly condemns the attempted military coup in Turkey, which claimed the lives of 208 and wounded more than 1,400. Although the investigation is still in its early stages, government sources indicate that the mid-level members of the military, who had connections to the exiled cleric Fethullah Gülen, were behind the attempt.
The attempt, which failed mainly due to the unwavering solidarity of Turkish people for democracy and freedom, can only be defined as a blatant disregard of democratic mechanisms and choices, human rights and international law – simply, the tenets upon which the Republic of Turkey was founded.
As the Republic of Turkey recovers from the ensuing violence and chaos of this coup attempt, THO expresses unity with the people of Turkey who courageously, peacefully and in solidarity took to the streets to protest in the millions against the coup attempt and who took ownership of Turkish democracy and Turkish sovereignty.
As President Obama had already indicated, the United States unequivocally stands for democratic leadership, for the respect for a democratically elected leader. Similarly, in a phone call to his counterpart Cavusoglu, Secretary Kerry reassured that Turkey’s elected, civilian government and democratic institutions had their absolute support.
In his written statement, the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey John Bass, rejected fabricated narratives by certain groups that are aimed at heightening tensions and undermining the close friendship and strong alliance. Echoing President Obama and Secretary Kerry’s statements, Ambassador Bass indicated that the U.S. is fully invested in Turkey’s security and prosperity and was ready to provide assistance to Turkish authorities both in their investigation of the coup and extradition request under the terms set bilaterally.
THO urges the United States to be supportive of its ally’s democracy during these extremely challenging times and continue its cooperation in other critical areas such as counterterrorism, NATO obligations, and regional security efforts.
THO offers a speedy recovery to people of Turkey and extends its condolences to those families who have lost loved ones and wishes for a quick and full recovery to those individuals who were injured during these tragic events. We also urge Turkish authorities to seek swift and fair justice for all civilian and military perpetrators.
This attempt will serve as a stark reminder of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s famous quote “Sovereignty unconditionally, belongs to the people”. Although it will be remembered as a very dark day in Turkey’s history, THO believes that Turkey will quickly recover and become an even stronger democracy.
*For more information on the attempted military coup and facts, please click here.

Turkish Heritage Organization