THO's Stance on Russia-Turkey Skirmish 

The issue of sovereignty in air space is at the very heart of the international law and UN regulations. The aviation relations between sovereign states are based upon UN regulations and restrictions. The concept of sovereignty in air space described by international law and protected by international hierarchy.  

Turkey shot down a Russian warplane on Tuesday after the warplane’s violation of Turkey’s airspace. In the last several weeks Turkish authorities has warned Russia on numerous occasions of the violations of airspace, and authorities stated that the warplane once again on Tuesday ignored several warnings after crossing the Turkey border. 

Turkey has been doing all humanitarian efforts and all aspects of physical, financial and humanitarian endorsements to put out the calamity and the humanitarian tragedy in Syria. In so doing, Turkey shelters the largest Syrian refugee population in the world, needless to say requiring the spending of billions of dollars in such a short-time to build over 23 concentration and refugee cities along the Turkey-Syrian borders.  

Although almost every actor tries to push their own agenda for varying reasons inside and outside the region, since the beginning of the uprising in Syria, Turkey has been contemplating the situation in Syria solely as a humanitarian tragedy. 

Russia and Turkey have long-viewed, deep relations which go back centuries. The situation in Syrian is the major matter of the current affairs and put these two regional actors at quite a crosswise. The leery line of Russian strategy in Syria confronting with a quite sure footed Turkish concerns that focuses on humanitarian calamity going on.  

Russia needs to be more cautious at avoiding any conflict with other inside actors while carrying out a covered agenda bombing in the Turkish concentrated part of Syria. It is obvious and confirmed by the authorities that Russian military operations in Syria have not had ISIS agenda roots but rather have been targeting oppositional groups and thousands of civilians along Turkey borders. Turkey has every right to be worry about the fire which is on its door, to spurt out inside Turkey while Moscow is a thousand miles away, and more vitally Turkey as NATO member, carries on its shoulders all liabilities and strengths of NATO’s founding Article 5. This principle is enshrined in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which states that “an attack on one Ally shall be considered an attack on all Allies.”

The Russian-Turkish relations has an extended-multi-continental dimensions from Eastern Europe to Central Asia; from the Middle East to the Balkans, from the Caucasus to energy and trade, etc., which any further conflict between Russia and Turkey would be harmful to both countries. Having a much bigger portfolio on its hands always make every step to be calculated again and again in international politics. Confining the Russian-Turkish relations into Syria would be quite futile and profitless. Russia also should see its military intervention in Syria as an unavailing process that only let Russian regional influence to wane.