Experts Opinion on TRNC Elections

Prof. Herbert Reginbogin, The American Catholic University: It is a wake-up call and time and options are few. There is equity on the table and no one wants to lose out on acquiring the riches under the sea through hostile conflicts increasing political risk and international investments etc. Erdogan holds the key to bring an end to the Eastern Mediterranean tension or letting them unfold.

Mark Meirowitz, SUNY Maritime College: "In light of the present dispute in EastMed and the pandemic, there will be no long-term solution to the Cyprus issue. In the present regional environment, reunification is a non-starter. The main impetus must be to first eliminate the isolation of TRNC through the boycott. The ultimate solution will occur when the “parents” Greece and Turkey allow the “children” Republic of Cyprus and TRNC to work out their own deal for the future of the island. We’ve been down the route of U.N.-sponsored negotiations with guarantors and Greek and Turkish Cypriots and these have gone nowhere - because the “parents” Greece and Turkey have allowed their own agendas to control how the future of the island should be negotiated. Step one - end the boycott of TRNC; Step Two - all Turkish Cypriots to participate fully in all deals for the allocation of resources in Eastern Med; and Step Three - let ROC and TRNC plan their own future. I think a solution in between reunification and statehood for TRNC (two state solution) might be possible - but only if Greece and Turkey step out of the way and allow the future of the residents of the island to the primary concern. Again in light of the hugely charged political environment in Eastern Med, no overnight solutions will take place. "

Ali Cinar, THO President: " “Tatar will continue to have federal negotiations, however, he will be more strict on the parameters and the deadlines. Northern Cyprus relies so much on Turkey economically and otherwise, Ankara would have played a key role at the negotiation table for seeking a resolution to the dispute, no matter the outcome of the vote. There is no solution without Turkey,”

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Isiksal, Near East University:" We can say this is also a referendum between those who think that the only solution in Cyprus should be found on federal basis versus there are also other solution models including confederal and two state based relations. Unification to Turkey is never voiced by Tatar and it's out of possibilities..Tatar and his team will definitely ask for time limit for the negotiations because Turkish Cypriots do not want to be political prisoners of the Greek Cypriots anymore and need to go forward."