Today marks the 93rd anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, a significant milestone for a nation that rose from within a crumbling Ottoman Empire that was occupied by the Allied powers. Established by Mustafa Kemal who led the nationwide resistance movement at a critical time and turned it into an unprecedented, full scale Turkish National War of Liberation, Republic of Turkey is essentially the product of a courageous nation.  

Ever since its establishment, the Republic of Turkey has been steadfastly addressing a range of challenges to improve its place among other nations. This year, the Republic has faced its biggest challenge on July 15th. The coup attempt had failed mainly due to the unwavering solidarity of Turkish people for democracy and freedom – simply, the same tenets upon which the Republic was founded.

As the Republic of Turkey recovers from the ensuing chaos of this coup attempt, and celebrates its 93rd anniversary, people across Turkey and those who celebrate Turkish heritage worldwide are once again reminded of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s famous quote that started it all “Sovereignty unconditionally, belongs to the people”.

As we celebrate this day and remember those who lost their lives to ensure the safety and security of the Republic, THO would like to re-emphasize its commitment to improving and strengthening relations between the long-time allies. We strongly believe, addressing today’s highly complex regional and global challenges as allies and striving together, will depend on the safety and prosperity of the Republic of Turkey.