THO Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack in Istanbul

Heinous attack has proven that Turkey is at the forefront of many of today’s greatest security challenges

Turkish Heritage Organization strongly condemns Saturday’s terrorist attack in Istanbul, which killed 44 people, including 30 police officers, and wounded more than 160 others.

THO extends its deepest condolences, sympathies, and respect to the families of the victims, the law enforcement community, and the Turkish nation. 

This heinous attack has proven that Turkey is at the forefront of many of today’s greatest security challenges. In the last 18 months, Turkey has been targeted by terrorism more than 20 times. As a NATO ally and geostrategic partner of Western countries in the fight against terrorism, Turkey needs the support of its international partners to address the serious threats to its domestic security posed by terrorist organizations. THO urges Turkey's allies to support Turkey in its fight against both domestic and international terrorism.

 It is increasingly apparent that terrorism has a devastatingly global reach. This past weekend alone, Cairo and Mogadishu also suffered crippling terror attacks. THO condemns these odious attacks and extends its deepest condolences and wishes for healing to the families of the victims.

Considering the geographic scale and increasing intensity of these types of attacks, it is time for the international community to genuinely confront the full reach and impact of terrorism globally. As terrible attacks this past year in places like Paris, Brussels, Jakarta, and Ankara have shown, terrorism threatens the entire world. The international community needs to develop a fuller understanding of the global terrorism phenomenon and engage in greater cooperation to counter it. Such cooperation is key to preventing terror attacks not only in Turkey but also across the world.