THO's Memorial Day Message

THO's Memorial Day Message

Before this weekend starts, I want to wish all my American Friends a happy Memorial Day on behalf of the THO and our supporters. This day commemorates the sacrifices the United States has made for others around the world, and their leadership should never be forgotten regardless of current events or the times ahead.

In fact, Turkey has been in the news a lot lately and I occasionally get questions seeking my opinions, or about THO. 

I chose to work at THO because it has a narrow - but very special – mission to foster good relations between Americans, Turkish Americans and all the people of Turkey. The best way to do that is through bi-lateral education: we host roundtables and academic exchanges between U.S. and Turkish experts on important topics. I know many other countries have organizations like ours which have been very successful in fostering good relations between the United States and their nations. We didn’t invent this idea, but it is working very well for THO. 

We intend to grow and continue our mission by inviting members of the press, the public, academia and think tanks to our public forums to listen and learn about the world economy, education, and technology.

Last, I sometimes get questions about Turkish politics. I have an easy answer: the THO is a 501 (c ) (3) organization and the IRS prohibits us from being involved in elections. We do issues, not politics. 

THO olarak Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'ne Barış ve Huzur Dolu bir "Memorial Day" diliyoruz. Kurumumuz ve bizleri destekleyenler adına, herkese teşekkür eder ve nice güzel çalışmalarda beraber olmayı dilerim.

Ali Cinar
THO President