The Turkish Heritage Organization (THO) is a young, independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. To foster a deep and comprehensive dialogue at a time when the U.S. – Turkey relations are at its lowest, THO has been diligently organizing public events, programs and publishing timely and independent facts that provide a unique platform for exploring critical issues. 

Following the coup attempt, THO invited three distinguished guests from Turkey for public events in Washington and New York. In addition, THO’s guests held private meetings with government officials, think-tank representatives, students and faculty members of prominent universities. With the approval of these guests, THO planned, organized this trip and paid for all travel and accommodation expenses of its guests.

Following these public events, various media outlets conducted on the spot interviews with THO’s guests. On the day of their departure, THO received another interview request. Upon the approval of our guests, the interviews were quickly conducted hours before their departure to the airport. It is important to note that these guests were not speaking for THO and THO did not have any knowledge of the details of the interview and how it was going to be used. Neither THO nor any of the guests asked or received any payment for this last-minute interview. 

THO’s operations and activities throughout the visit, has been conducted in accordance with U.S. laws governing non-profit organizations. Whether directly or indirectly, THO does not have any connection with any groups that were mentioned in the recent news articles regarding these interviews. Furthermore, these interviews could have occurred anywhere. THO’s guests regularly appear on Turkish media and international media outlets have facilities there, too. 

Lastly, we would like to kindly remind that THO’s mission is to foster good relations between Americans, Turkish Americans and all the people of Turkey and we intend to grow and continue our mission – no matter how challenging it may be.  


Turkish Heritage Organization (THO)