Digital Currency and Global Transformation of Technology

Digital Currency and Global Transformation of Technology

08 Jun 21

On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, the Turkish Heritage Organization hosted a virtual panel featuring a discussion on Digital Currency and Global Transformation Through Tech. The panel included experts Dr. Erdem Erkul, Founder and Chairman of Cerebrum Technologies and Former Director of Public Sector and Investments at Microsoft Turkey, Perianne Boring, Founder and President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce and Former Host of ‘Prime Interest’, and Nena Dokuzov, Head of Project Group for New Economy and Blockchain Technologies at Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and Former Director of the Cultural and Economic Center of European Space Technologies of Slovenia. The insightful event was moderated by Savannah Lane, Executive Director of the Turkish Heritage Organization. 

To begin the conversation, Dr. Erkul spoke on the expansion of technology in today’s world and the interaction between different forms of technology, including AI, phone applications and cybersecurity. Dr. Erkul illustrated these interactions by describing that “technology feeds each other and creates a unique ecosystem” compared to five or ten years ago. 

Continuing the conversation, Perianne Boring expanded upon the fear of new technology, particularly blockchain, and the importance of blockchain technology in peer exchanges. Further, Perianne Boring defined that “blockchains are just rails to send digital assets and to send things of value in a digital way” while adding “the benefits outweigh the risks and there is no turning back.”

Adding to the conversation, Nena Bokuzov highlighted the necessity for national strategies and regulation on blockchain, and allowing companies to be secure in the systems they utilize. In doing so, Nena Bokuzov emphasized that “trust must be at the center of the blockchain industry.”

The three experts concluded the panel in discussing the challenges in the next ten years which include developing strategies for wide use of blockchain and the role of blockchain in society. Nena Bokuzov concluded the discussion by describing that blockchain “will be a technology that will shape the future of work and redefine the future of work.”