Future of Climate Change and Environmentalism in International Alliances

Future of Climate Change and Environmentalism in International Alliances

15 May 21

On Friday, May 14th, the Turkish Heritage Organization hosted an insightful panel featuring a discussion on The Future of Climate Change and Environmentalism in International Alliances. The event was moderated by Michelle Brechtelsbauer, Director of Stakeholder Relations at Energy Impact Center, and featured three dynamic panelists: Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz, Founder and Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, Umay Yilmaz, Secretary General of OMUD (Turkish Corrugated Cardboard Industrial Association), and Dr. Daniel Fiorino, Director of the Center for Environmental Policy at American University. 

Umay Yilmaz led the discussion by explaining some of Turkey’s initiatives to combat climate change, including Turkey’s Zero Waste Campaign. Additionally, she shed light on other initiatives Turkey is striving towards, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between different sectors, including municipalities, communities, industry, and more. 

Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz provided his expertise on the public’s perception of the threat of climate change, providing data and statistics from Turkey as well as the global community regarding the threat of climate change and the need for governmental and public action. Additionally, Dr. Leiserowitz explained how climate change threatens the resilience of societies and institutions, further emphasizing the need for increased action to increase resilience of these systems. 

Dr. Daniel Fiorino iterated the need for international cooperation when addressing climate change, and how the Covid-19 pandemic has shed light on the common interests and goals of countries around the world and how the global community can collaboratively approach these relevant issues. Dr. Fiorino also emphasized the need for policies on the national and sub-national level to address the adverse effects of climate change.