Future of U.S.-Turkey Security Relationship and #NATO2030

The Future of U.S.-Turkey Security Relationship and #NATO2030

03 Sep 20

On Wednesday, September 2, 2020, THO hosted a webinar on “The Future of U.S.-Turkey Security Relationship and #NATO2030”. Featuring Lieutenant General, Ben Hodges, and Turkish Vice Admiral Kadir Sagdiç. The conversation was moderated by Savannah Lane, THO Executive Director.

THO was honored to host Lieutenant General Hodges, and Vice Admiral Sagdiç for an important discussion on future changes and challenges in U.S.- Turkey relations and the NATO alliance. 

Vice Admiral Sagdiç stressed that the most important challenge will be to maintain allies politically united. He also spoke on how security issues in the Middle East have been challenging for Turkey due to its geographic position and thus, it has also been a challenge for the U.S.-Turkey relations due to the Israeli matter. Vice Admiral Sagdiç elaborated on the Mediterranean Crisis between Turkey and Greece. 

Lieutenant General Hodges noted that the number one priority for defense spending has to be readiness in case of a threat. He stressed the importance of the Black Sea for European security and highlighted his hopes that the next president of the U.S. understands the importance of the Black Sea and Turkey as an ally. Moreover, according to Lieutenant General Hodges, the values of the alliance have helped prevent conflict between Greece and Turkey, but it is an issue that must be worked on.

This conversation aims to outline the importance of the U.S.-Turkish relations and how #NATO2030 has to adjust to new threats and changing dynamics. A strong NATO is needed to continue to deter threats to all members. Our panelists agreed on the need for the U.S. and Turkey to reestablish a new framework for their relationship and to start rebuilding trust as two crucial members of the NATO alliance.