NATO in the New Year and NATO 2030 Goals

NATO in the New Year and NATO 2030 Goals

27 Jan 21

On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, the Turkish Heritage Organization discussed the future of NATO in NATO in the New Year and NATO 2030 Goals webinar.

Ambassador Tacan Ildem started with explaining what he expected to see Biden administration reaffirm U.S. commitments to NATO while elaborating on his role in the NATO working group as they try to help NATO adopt itself to the new security alignment. He explained that the report the working group published would help address beliefs that NATO is 'brain dead' and counter that the organization is ready to adapt to new climates, with the work group's main recommendation for NATO being strengthening NATO's political dimensions. Finally, he addressed the impact of Turkey's exclusion from the F-35 program, stating that excluding Turkey would be detrimental to the interests of NATO.

Susan Elliot reaffirmed her belief that the United States would continue to be a strong member, further stating that what makes the NATO alliance important is that it is made of like-minded democracies that strengthen deterrence and come up with collective ideas that we can face, and Biden would definitely work to encourage states to take part in NATO by increasing their spending towards NATO.

Stephen Mariano started with discussing NATO's approach to arms control. Member states will approach the issue positively and collaboratively; however, he also observed that the role of non-state actors would grow in their role of de-escalation. He addressed space and cybersecurity as new territories for NATO to explore, as declaring them domains would encourage NATo to start applying strategic thinking to them.