The Future of Transatlantic Relations

The Future of Transatlantic Relations

03 Dec 20
On Thursday, December 3rd, 2020, the Turkish Heritage Organization hosted a webinar panel featuring a discussion on “THE FUTURE OF TRANSATLANTIC RELATIONS”. This webinar featured a discussion on the emerging issues and challenges facing the future of transatlantic relations. 

The panelists featured Ambassador Mary Warlick, Ambassador to Serbia and senior foreign service officer; deputy assistant secretary of defense for European and NATO policy and acting assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia policy. Mark Kimmitt, Retired Brigadier General - 16th assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs. Özgür Ünlühisarcıklı, Director, Ankara office, German Marshall Fund. 

The panelists discussed the implications of the coming Biden administration and the challenges of restoring the strength of the alliance in the coming years.  

The panelists brought up the Eurasia theater and what countries and issues that we should pay closer attention to. The economic and corruption reform that Ukraine has been fighting for, and the ongoing crisis in Belarus with the elections and political prisoners. The panelist also pointed out that the new Biden Administration will face an uphill battle with Turkey. Trump and Erdoğan shared a closer relationship and seemed to like each other; however, Biden has publicly expressed his frustration with Turkey’s leadership. The panelist also pointed out we should see a returned focus on institutions from the Biden Administration. 

The discussion also covered the Iran issue and the general instability of the region. Biden has made it clear they desire to re-enter the Iran deal in some form, but it remains unclear if Iran will be willing to come to the negotiating table. 

The panelists brought up the biggest challenges facing NATO in the coming years. Dealing with COVID 19, increased Russian aggression, and resorting to the feeling of unity within the alliance will all remain top priorities. We should expect Biden to re-engage in treaties and bring a renewed focus on cooperation. 

Questions were raced regarding the challenges and implications of a growing Chinese influence in the Balkan region. National security and economic stability were all discussed. 

The panelists agreed that having continued conversations and maintaining dialogue is instrumental in contributing a good policy agenda for the future of the region.