The Impact of the U.S. Election on Foreign Policy

The Impact of the U.S. Election on Foreign Policy

12 Nov 20

On Thursday, November 12th, 2020, the Turkish Heritage Organization hosted a webinar panel featuring a discussion on "THE IMPACT OF THE U.S. ELECTION ON FOREIGN POLICY”.  This webinar featured a discussion on the significance of the historical U.S. election and its impact on the foreign policy over the course of the next four years. 

The panelists featured Ilan Berman, Vice president of the American foreign policy council. Dov Zakheim, Senior advisor at the center for strategic and International studies, former undersecretary of defense (Comptroller) and chief financial officer for the department of defense. Professor Cagri Erhan. President of Altinbas university 

Throughout the conversation, the speakers covered a host of micro and macro issues. The panelist suggested that the big picture policy agendas remain close to the same under a new Biden administration. The U.S. position on China, the growing Russian threat, and Iran remains mostly nonpartisan. However, there is a growing amount of instability, particularly the relationship with Turkey, which has become strained during the last few years. There is hope that under a Biden administration, we will see increased efforts to improve this relationship. One of the difficulties of shaping U.S. policy in the region is that there is no set agenda for each country. Making it difficult to have a uniform policy and goal line. 

The panelists discussed the future of NATO and how Biden’s approach would differ from the Trump administration. The Biden Administration needs to shift the trajectory of NATO involvement and the status of the bi-literal relationship. 

The panelists brought up the current negative balancing and whether or not Turkey's strategic direction is going away or towards U.S. interests. The general theme of the panel seems to be that outlook for the future remains unclear. The next four years will be critical in determining the direction Turkey and the region will go. The panelists agreed that having continued conversations and dialogue is instrumental in contributing good policy agenda for the region.