Turkey's Role in the Qatar Crisis and Anniversary of the Coup Attempt

Yenal Kucuker talks about Turkish President Erdogan's attempt to mediate Qatar dispute

23 Jul 17

Wang Guan talks to Yenal Kucuker of the Turkish Heritage Foundation about Turkish President Erdogan's meetings with Arab leaders in hopes of ending their embargo on Qatar

THO Executive Director Yenal Kucuker appeared on CGTN America's The World Today on July 23 to weigh in on Turkey’s role in the Qatar crisis. He highlighted Turkey’s historic role in the region dating back to the Ottoman Empire and discussed why Turkey may be a sensible candidate to serve as an intermediary today. Kucuker also conveyed the significance of U.S.-Turkey agreement on the issue, partly due to the allies’ respective military bases in Qatar. 

A Night of Defiance: Interview with Turkish Heritage Org Executive Director Yenal Kucuker

21 Jul 17

July 15 marks one year since the failed 2016 coup in Turkey. In our special coverage, we look back at the events of that night, its aftermath and consequences for the country. Turkish citizens are commemorating the day with marches.

A week earlier, Kucuker was interviewed by TRT World’s Ediz Tiyansan about U.S.-Turkey relations on the anniversary of last year’s coup attempt. Kucuker made clear during the conversation that the U.S. citizenry has a ways to go concerning awareness of the traumatic event, while emphasizing the success of the Gulen movement’s PR campaign among policymakers in Washington. Asked about Turkey’s request that the U.S. extradite Fethullah Gulen, Kucuker reminded viewers that such a request often moves slowly through the U.S. judicial system, and that the pace and complexity of the process will likely continue to aggravate politicians in Ankara for some time.