THO Informs YTB President About Its Activities

A delegation from the Prime Ministry of Republic of Turkey Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) visited Washington, D.C to inform civil society and non-governmental organizations about YTB’s activities and discuss ways to improve effectiveness. 

Led by President Dr. Kudret Bulbul, YTB officials held series of meetings with various civil society and non-governmental organizations. On Saturday, March 5, Dr. Bulbul and his delegation visited THO’s office to discuss ways to improve project based activities that fall into the advocacy field. During the meeting, Head of Corporate Relations Sevilay Kaya, Program Manager Yenal Kucuker, Fellow Baha Erbas and Coordinators Allison Feikes and Kerim Kartari highlighted THO’s activities since its establishment and emphasized the critical importance and need to bring Turkey closer to American experts. 

Dr. Bulbul praised THO for its contributions to American – Turkish relations, particularly on Turkey’s humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees, and indicated that since they are responsible with providing educational support to the Syrian refugees in Turkey, YTB would be happy to provide project-based support to THO in this area. YTB President said that the role of the non-governmental organizations, especially in critical areas as humanitarian aid and advocacy, was becoming increasingly important in the international politics and political decision making process. He urged THO to continue to expand its collaboration with other American institutions and develop joint projects that would help THO and YTB strengthen their institutional ties in Washington, D.C. 

Established in 2010, YTB promotes “Active Citizenship and Equal Participation”. Its operations mainly focus on diasporas, kin and related communities and international students. Within this framework, YTB provides project-based financial support programs that ensure active citizenship and equal participation and help organizations, institutions determine strategies for reaching this goal.

THO Fellow Baha Erbas (left), THO Head of Corporate Relations Sevilay Kaya, YTB President Dr. Kudret Bülbül, THO Coordinators Kerim Kartari, Allison Feikes and THO Program Manager Yenal Kucuker.
YTB USA Desk Officer Emre Oruc (far right) and Head of the Department of Abroad Citizens Office Ismail Demiryurek