THO Teleconference: Latest Developments of Syrian Refugees & Turkey's Ongoing Response

The Turkish Heritage Organization hosted a teleconference, the “Latest Developments of Syrian Refugees & Turkey's Ongoing Response” on Thursday, April 2, 2020 featuring Dr. Mehmet Gulluoglu, President, Disaster and Emergency Management Authority of Turkey (AFAD).

The teleconference audience included U.S. government officials, think tank experts, academics, and a number of embassy representatives, amongst others. Dr. Gulluoglu briefed the audience on a number of issues in regard to Syrian refugees. Dr. Gulluoglu informed the audience of how he believes Turkey is leading the way in innovation both from a refugee but also resettlement course for the refugees, however he mentioned that Idlib is under discussed right now, but the developments in the situation continue to worsen.

In mentioning the current coronavirus epidemic, Dr. Gulluoglu mentioned that COVID-19 definitely impacts Syrian refugees as there is a lot unknown in Syria and they are not worried about virus as top priority because many are primarily trying to escape death as is from the Syrian civil war and extreme escalation of violence. He went on to comment that COVID-19 poses great distraction for work but violent developments unfortunately in Idlib don’t stop.

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