NATO Weekly Roundup – Week of July 19th

Political Elements of NATO

  • “Statement by the North Atlantic Council in solidarity with those affected by recent malicious cyber activities including the Microsoft Exchange Server compromise”

On Monday, July 19th, NATO released a statement in response to recent cyber attacks. The statement observed the increasing concern of cyber threats, condemned malicious attacks, upheld NATO’s Cyber Defence Pledge, and called on China to uphold their commitment to cyber safety. 

  • “NATO’s next mission: Find a new boss”

NATO Allies have begun “scouring” their ranks in search of a new successor to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, a former Prime Minister of Norway.

  • “NATO Secretary General discusses cooperation with Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Secretary General Stoltenberg welcomed the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO recently to discuss COVID-19, reform efforts, and their addition to the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan. 

  • “Deputy Secretary General welcomes Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister to NATO Headquarters”

The meeting between Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Oleksii Reznikov and Deputy Secretary General Geoană involved security, sovereignty and NATO support for Ukraine.

  • “What the Afghanistan Withdrawal Means for Georgia’s NATO Dreams”

Georgia fears becoming obsolete to NATO’s membership action plan as forces withdraw from Afghanistan. Georgia has made itself into a security provider ever since the U.S. led coalition in Iraq 2004. Georgia is similar to Ukraine since it shares a border with Russia who also invaded them in 2008. Georgia also fears missing out on U.S. funding and training of its military, known as the GDRP.

Military Exercises and Operations of NATO

  • “NATO Ships Exercise in the Black Sea”

Starting on July 12th, 2,000 forces and 30 ships took part in an exercise breeze in the Black Sea that concluded on Monday, July 19th. The exercise included forces from 14 NATO allies. 

  • “Allied Joint Force Command Norfolk Declares Full Operational Capability”

The Allied Joint Force Command Norfolk is NATO’s newest operational command and officially had its opening ceremony on July 15th, 2021. This command in particular works to protect lines of communication in all mediums, protect Transatlantic sealines, and enable enforcement within the European region. 

  • “L3Harris and international team to develop surveillance concepts for Nato”

L3Harris Technologies is working with other European defense and technology firms to develop “future NATO surveillance concepts” for its Alliance Future Surveillance and Control program. NATO plans to replace its current fleet of surveillance aircraft by 2035. 

  • “Commander of U.S., NATO forces in Afghanistan steps down”

US Army General Austin “Scott” Miller, commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, stepped down after three years and handed command over to Marine Corps. Gen. Frank McKenzie.

  • “Russia Warns U.K. and NATO Next Black Sea Spat Will Be Met With 'Most Severe' Response” 

Following the Sea Breeze military exercises in the Black Sea and the incident between the UK and Russia, Russia has furthered their threats and potential response to NATO and Allied exercises.