NATO Weekly Roundup - Week of December 10th

  • “NATO chief: The alliance is charting its path forward amid a changed security environment”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg talks about NATO’s future plans on the security environment. 

  • “Biden to Speak with NATO Allies on Ukraine Before Putin Call” 

US President Joe Biden has confirmed that he will discuss the situation in Ukraine and on the Poland-Belarus border with European NATO counterparts, including representatives of Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, before his Tuesday call with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

  • “NATO Chief says allies must prepare for the worst in Ukraine” 

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has warned NATO allies to prepare for conflict on the alliance’s Eastern flank as Russia continues its ominous military build-up near the Ukrainian border. However, the Secretary General still asserts that Russia’s intentions in the region are unclear, and repeated calls for transparency.

  • “NATO, EU states interested in export of Turkish drones: Foreign minister”  

Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu stated Monday that many EU and NATO member-states are interested in the Turkish defense industry, especially its drones. The Foreign Minister also mentioned NATO and EU member-state Poland as a recent purchaser of Turkish armed drones.

  • “Most Ukrainians Want To Join NATO”   

Support of NATO membership for Ukraine among Ukrainians has increased a staggering 24 percent since March of 2014. As of November 2021, 58 percent of Ukraininans favor NATO membership for their country.

  • “Putin hits back as NATO warns Moscow against attacking Ukraine” 

Following statements from US Secretary of State Blinken and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg which warned Russia about taking further military action against Ukraine, Russian President Putin said that if advanced missile systems from NATO were stationed in Ukraine, Russia would have no choice but to retaliate by mirroring the threat toward the west. 

  • “Russia to unveil security pact proposals in bid to restrain NATO” 

Speaking at the OSCE in Stockholm, Sweden, Russian FM Lavrov stated that Russia will put forth new proposals for a European security pact in response to the approaching possibility of military confrontation in Europe. Lavrov criticized NATO for encroaching on Russia’s borders and ignoring proposals by Russia to de-escalate tensions.