NATO Weekly Roundup - Week of October 1st

  • “NATO Secretary General meets with UN Secretary-General in New York” 

The two leaders met to discuss NATO and the UN’s role in supporting international peace, as well as areas of potential collaboration, including counter-terrorism. 

  • “Kremlin says NATO expansion in Ukraine is a ‘Red Line’ for Putin” 

NATO has expanded its military infrastructure in Ukraine in a move that Russia and close ally Belarus have agreed to take action against. 

  • “Deputy Secretary General: NATO will set the standard for ethical use of new technologies” 

Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană discussed NATO’s role in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), especially as it relates to cyber warfare at a virtual conference. 

  • “NATO Secretary General welcomes new Supreme Allied Commander Transformation” 

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attended the Change of Command for the Supreme Allied Commander in an event in Norfolk, Virginia. 

  • “Russian Plane Enters NATO Member Estonia’s Airspace for 6th Time this Year” 

The Russian aircraft entered Estonian airspace near the island of Vaindloo, leading to condemnation by the Estonian government. 

  • “NATO Increases Patrols Near Kosovo-Serbia Border Blockage” 

Local Serbians have blocked border crossings in protest of a ban on vehicles with Serbian license plates entering Kosovo, leading to mounting tensions which have led to NATO patrols. 

  • “France’s role in NATO not in Question Despite US Rift” 

Despite simmering tensions between France and the U.S. over a submarine deal, France’s standing in NATO is unchanged.

  • “Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko warns of response to NATO troops in Ukraine, migrant catastrophe” 

Referring to the RAPID - TRIDENT 2021 military drills in Ukraine, and the participation of NATO forces, Lukashenko has accused the United States and NATO of building bases in Ukraine, and warned of a joint response with Russia.