NATO Weekly Roundup - Week of September 17th

  • “NATO head says alliance signed off on US withdrawal from Afghanistan”

Jens Stolenberg, NATO’s Secretary General, pushed back against European complaints that the U.S. didn’t consult European countries prior to Afghanistan withdrawal. He clarified that no alliance members objected and that the decision was agreed upon unanimously. 

  • “Deputy Secretary General meets Colombian Vice President and Foreign Minister” 

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană met with the Foreign Minister of NATO’s only Latin American partner, Mrs. Ramírez de Rincón. Areas of cooperation such as climate change, education, and security were discussed. 

  • “Russia’s war games with Belarus spark concern in west”

Russia plans to use war games this week with Belarus to deepen its control over its neighbour’s armed forces and increase its military capabilities on the borders of NATO member states have raised concerns within NATO allies. 

  • “China’s PLA commanders come out in force as troops chase perfect response to US and Nato”

The Chinese military in their annual training to inspect combat readiness had drills specifically for US and NATO commands. 

  • “Ukrainian President Seeks U.S. Backing to Gain NATO Membership”

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, is seeking support from the president Biden to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.