NATO Weekly Roundup – Week of July 6th

Military Exercises and Operations of NATO

  • “NATO allies Greece, Turkey, Romania hold military drill in Black Sea”

NATO allies, Turkey, Greece, and Romania, conducted air-maritime military exercises off the coast of Romania. Simulation exercises practiced maritime-to-air defense, and air-to-air combat. The operation included Greek, Romania, and Turkish air forces, NATO assets such as the AWACS, and other ally assets such as the Italian Navy flagship Fasan. NATO members conduct these drills to “build trust and enhance readiness” in the Black Sea.

  • “Nato Holds Air Defence Exercise In Black Sea”

The recent exercises in the Black Sea included a coalition of Allied forces to underscore the unity, cooperation and skills inhabited by NATO while showcasing their commitment to peace and collective defense. 

  • “Marks 60th Anniversary Of European Air Patrols”

July 1st marked the 60th anniversary of the Alliance’s work of committing to keep European skies, as well as territories, secure.

  • “Turkish, U.S. defence ministers to discuss Kabul airport plan on Wednesday” 

Following NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, Turkey is in talks with the United States about overseeing and operating the Kabul Hamid Karzai airport due to the diplomatic and security purpose it serves. 

  • “Afghanistan: Taliban captures territory as NATO withdrawal continues”

The Taliban is continuing to capture more territory throughout Afghanistan as NATO forces pull out. On Sunday, ASF fled into Tajikistan from Northern Afghanistan, enabling the Taliban encroachment. The Taliban now controls a ⅓ of all 421 districts due to poor troop morale, and lack of supplies and coordination. The Afghan government and security forces have been their own worst enemy, and now the Taliban has a strategic advantage because they control much of the territory bordering other Central Asian Countries.