THO's Statement On President Trump's Jerusalem Declaration

Turkish Heritage Organization is deeply concerned with respect to President Trump’s decision regarding recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would plunge the region into deeper risks and ignite violence in an already war torn region. President Trump's decision will have a negative impact on the peace and stability in the region and also bears the risk of completely destroying the ground for peace. In addition, this decision is against international law and relevant UN Resolutions, as the annexation of Jerusalem by Israel has been rejected by the international community and the UN.

Pope Francis, the United Nations, the EU and many American NATO allies, such as Britain, France, Germany, Turkey and Italy,  have all declared it a mistake.

THO believes that it is only by realizing the vision of two states living side by side in peace, security and mutual recognition, with Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Palestine, that all final status issues will be resolved permanently through negotiations.

As we all know, one year ago, senior representatives of Turkey and Israel signed a normalization agreement, bringing an end to a seven-year crisis in their relationship and finally putting to rest the Mavi Marmara incident of May 31, 2010. We are now concerned that the relationship between Israel and Turkey will be harmed more due to the Jerusalem decision.  In addition, President Trump's decision would negatively impact the U.S.- Turkey relationship adding additional tension between the two nations. THO believes that the strong friendship of Turkish-American relations with an open dialogue is extremely important, not only for the two countries, but for the entire world.

We hope that the U.S. Administration will reconsider the decision regarding  Jerusalem and give it additional thought because it may cause a  'major catastrophe'  and hurt the Peace Process in the Middle East.

Turkish Heritage Organization