THO Non-Resident Fellow Articles

THO has launched the first round of our Non-Resident Fellowship articles on our blog Meddah: A U.S.-Turkey Storytelling Project. Each week, we highlight three different articles on our social media pages. The articles cover various aspects of the US-Turkey relationship, including security, trade, societal issues and educational exchange programs. 

Article Summaries

Coby Vail

  • Coby Vail’s article examines the importance of exchange programs in both the United States and Turkey, viewing them as critical building blocks for stronger political and business relationships between the two countries.

Ozge Taylan

  • Ozge Taylan’s article explores how Turkey’s border security has impacted the US-Turkish relationship, as well as the relationship between Turkey and NATO. Cooperation on Turkish border security issues will go a long way in normalizing relations between the Turkey and the United States.

Danielle Cyr

  • Danielle Cyr’s article highlights the pivotal role that US educational exchange programs to Turkey play in enhancing and growing the relationship between the countries.

Ipek Ariogul

  • Ipek Ariogul’s article examines how critical commercial ties through the US-Turkey trade partnership are to the countries relationship.
Alpcan Karamanoglu

  • Alpcan Karamanoglu’s article discusses the affect that Turkish President Erdogan’s policies have on the country’s relationship with the United States.

Ezra Mannix

  • Ezra Mannix’s article delves into the importance of investment in Turkey’s education sector and how the United States can best support this.

Sarah Khalbuss

  • Sarah Khalbuss’ article highlights the Uyghur diaspora in Turkey and examines what Turkey and the United States have been doing to support them.
Tenzile Kocak

  • Tenzile Kocak’s article looks at Turkey’s efforts in providing humanitarian aid for Syrian refugee children. 

Kaylee Laakso

  • Kaylee Laakso’s article discusses the history of NATO, Turkey’s role in the organization, and the future of the US-Turkey relationship in the context of the NATO alliance.
Joanna Birkner

  • Joanna Birkner’s article examines the #MeToo movement and how it has played out in Turkey.
Adam Shirer

  • Adam Shirer’s article explores Americans’ public perception of security in Turkey and how it has affected exchange programs.