THO Exclusive Insight With Dr. F. Stephen Larrabee, The Rand Corporation’s Distinguished Chair Emeritus On Turkey's Regional Challenges

An exclusive look into Turkey – Russia relations and Turkey’s Regional Challenges

Distinguished Chair Emeritus, Larrabee's exclusive interview provided valuable insights about Turkey - Russia relations, Turkey's battle with PKK and DAESH

Outlook On Russian-Turkish Relations

11 Apr 16

Dr. Stephen Larrabee Of Rand Feels That Russian-Turkish Relations Will Take A While To Regain Normalcy After Turkey Shot Down A Russian Plane Last Fall. Turkish Government Authorities Have Been Fed Up With Provocations From Russia

Turkey’s Battle With Daesh

11 Apr 16

Dr. Stephen Larrabee Of Rand Characterizes The Challenges And Fight Turkey Has Had Against Daesh Since It First Became A Threat Until Now. He Also Mentions Turkey’s Work With Europe And The West Against Daesh

Turkey’s Battle With The Pkk

11 Apr 16

Dr. Stephen Larrabee Of Rand Asserts That As Turkey Works Closer With The EU, PKK Attacks Could Grow Stronger. More Countries Should Label The PKK As A Terrorist Organization