Exclusive Insight interview with Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President of Atlantic Council

Damon Wilson - U.S.-EU Relations

20 Nov 18

QUESTION: Lately there seems to be contention on the part of U.S-EU relations and priorities, how do you view the current relations between the U.S. and EU and the potential impact on NATO?

Damon Wilson - U.S. Strategy towards Russian Influence in Eastern Europe

20 Nov 18

QUESTION: Russia's influence on nations in Eastern Europe is very strong, and we see even stronger influence going all the way to the Balkans. Is the U.S. policy towards that appropriate for the level of influence we see on Russia's part?

Damon Wilson - Role of U.S. and Turkey in NATO

20 Nov 18

QUESTION: How important is it for NATO to keep its alliance strong and what role can the US and Turkey play to that extend?

Damon Wilson - Expectations for the Referendum in Macedonia

20 Nov 18

QUESTION: The recent name change referendum in Macedonia has attracted a lot of attention, how do you view the referendum, impact it might have on regional stability, and a potential NATO membership for Macedonia?

Damon Wilson - Atlantic Council Millennium Fellowship Program

20 Nov 18

QUESTION: THO is a proud sponsor of Atlantic Council’s Millennium Fellowship Program. The recent Aegean Study tour took fellows to Turkey and Greece to explore the migrant crisis. How do you view such trips and their importance to Atlantic cooperation and collaboration? Specifically the experiences of Fellows during their time in Turkey.

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