THO Exclusive Insight With Mujeeb Khan

Part of a Prominent Group of Scholars with Extensive Fieldwork, Khan on Gulen Movement's Involvement in the Coup Attempt

Gulen Movement’s Involvement in the Coup Attempt

21 Jul 17

THO Exclusive Insight with Mujeeb Khan: Based on your research and deliberations with well-regarded scholars on the Gulen movement, to what extent Gulen movement is involved in the coup attempt in Turkey?

U.S. Media Coverage of Gulen and Gulen Movement

21 Jul 17

Fethullah Gulen and his organization seems to have a fairly positive media coverage in the U.S. why?

AKP – Gulen Alliance

21 Jul 17

Why did the AKP – Gulen alliance rupture and what was at the heart of it?

Threat to Turkey

21 Jul 17

Do you think Fethullah Gulen (labeled as Fethullah Gulen Terror Organization - FETO) continues to pose a threat to Turkey?

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