Exclusive Insight with Bart Oosterveld

Bart Oosterveld, Director, Global Business and Economics Program

Bart Oosterveld - S-400 and its Impact on International Relations

19 Jul 19

QUESTION: If the United States chooses to impose sanctions on Turkey due to the S-400 dilemma, what kind of impact do you believe this could have on bilateral trade? Trilateral between the U.S., Turkey, and Europe?

Bart Oosterveld - Influence of the Lira on Turkish Trade

19 Jul 19

QUESTION: Turkey is the EU’s 5th largest trading partner, both in exports and imports. However in 2018, after several years of growth in the EU-Turkey bilateral trade goods, trade showed a mixed picture, likely because of the lira depreciation and broader economic difficulties. Do you believe 2019 will show improvement?

Bart Oosterveld - The future of the World Economy

19 Jul 19

QUESTION: Trade negotiations between the U.S. and Europe seem to have stalled, the U.S. has imposed tariffs on China, what does this mean for the future of the world economy?

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