Exclusive Insight interview with Lawrence Cenk Laws, 2018 Summer Research Program Participant

2018 Summer Research Program Participant - "Living in Limbo: Temporary Protections for a Permanent Dilemma"

Lawrence Cenk Laws - Research topic and final findings

12 Dec 18

QUESTION: Can you please give me a brief summary of your research topic?

Lawrence Cenk Laws - Overall experience of THO’s research program

12 Dec 18

QUESTION: How would you describe your overall experience of the research program?

Lawrence Cenk Laws - U.S. and Turkey Relations

12 Dec 18

QUESTION: How to do you think this summer research program helps with the bilateral relationship between Turkey and the U.S.?

Lawrence Cenk Laws - Advice for future research program participants

12 Dec 18

QUESTION: If there is one piece of advice you would give to future research students, what would it be?

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