THO Exclusive Insight With Shlomo Bolts, Advocacy Advisor Of The Syrian American Council

An exclusive look into SAC's report, No Going Back: Forced Displacement in the Syrian Conflict

Likeliness of displaced Syrians and refugees of returning home

28 Feb 17

"What is the likeliness of Syrian refugees and those displaced within Syria, of returning home?"

Turkey's place in solving the Syrian refugee crisis

28 Feb 17

"As host to millions of Syrian refugees, what is Turkey’s place in facilitating an end result that is not a permanent refugee crisis?"

Economic recommendations for refugee host countries

28 Feb 17

"As far as economic developments: The report suggests recommendations in Syria, but how are host countries, especially Turkey, assisting and preparing Syrian refugees for their return home? "

U.S. policy recommendations for the crisis in Syria

28 Feb 17

"What are the recommendations for U.S. policy concerning the crisis in Syria?"

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