THO Exclusive Insight With Dr. Joshua Walker, Director Of Global Programs At Apco Worldwide, On U.S. - Turkey Relations

An exclusive look into U.S. – Turkey Relations and the Nuclear Security Summit 

Accomplished scholar and international affairs fellow Dr. Walker's exclusive interview provided valuable insights about the terrorism in Turkey, U.S. - Turkey relationship, and the importance of the Nuclear Security Summit for Turkey

Terrorism in Turkey

10 Apr 16

Dr. Joshua Walker of the German Marshall Fund explains that terrorism in Turkey has been portrayed differently than attacks in Europe. Despite this frustration, global terrorism has brought Turkey urgently closer to western allies including the United States. Turkey is a key partner in fighting terrorism

The Significance Of The Nuclear Security Summit

10 Apr 16

Dr. Joshua Walker of the German Marshall Fund asserts that at the Nuclear Security Summit global leaders will talk about counter terrorism and nuclear non-proliferation. Turkey’s role at the conference is significant considering the global threats of Syria and Daesh

Characterizing The U.S.-Turkey Relationship

10 Apr 16

Dr. Joshua Walker of the German Marshall Fund contends that Turkey and the United States have a long-standing relationship. Today, the largest challenge in the relationship is the Syrian crisis. The United States also remains weary of some internal Turkish politics as well


10 Apr 16

Dr. Joshua Walker of German Marshall Fund explains that the U.S. and Turkey could work closer on economic issues and trade, especially in light of TTIP. Additionally, the U.S. and Turkey can work most significantly on security in the Middle East region