Exclusive Insight with Mark Hall, Producer of Documentary “Killing Ed”

Mark Hall is an award-winning producer and director based in Austin, Texas. His latest feature- length documentary project, Killing Ed, was released in New York City in March, 2016. The film discusses the corruption and corrosive influence of the Gülen Movement, a little-known, global cult group known that operates the second largest chain of taxpayer-funded charter schools in the USA and has become very politically powerful. Hall’s previous documentary feature, Sushi: The Global Catch, premiered in June 2011 at the Seattle International Film Festival where it won a special jury prize. Hall is a licensed attorney and lives in Austin, Texas.

Mark Hall – Message to the American public

13 Jul 18

QUESTION: If you could send our American audience one message regarding your documentary Killing Ed, what would it be?

Mark Hall – Current state of the Gulen Charter School system

13 Jul 18

QUESTION: Since the release of your documentary Killing Ed, what has changed in the Gulen Charter school system?

Mark Hall – Gulen Charter School System effect on American society

13 Jul 18

QUESTION: What must we understand about the Gulen Charter school system to understand its effect on American society and political life?

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