On Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Predictions for the Future of EU-US Trade Agreement

30 May 16

Peter Sparding, Transatlantic Fellow of the Europe Program at the German Marshall Fund, comments on the future of TTIP negotiations and why EU citizens aren’t necessarily in favor of the negotiations. Mr. Sparding sees the 2016 deadline as an ambitious goal, but one that Turkey will have a clear stake in if it is passed

New System of Mega-Regional Trade Deals

30 May 16

Peter Sparding of the German Marshall Fund explains why trade agreements such as TTIP and TTP have replaced the old WTO system, and what that might mean for non-member states connected to US and EU economies. He clarifies that these deals are not meant to split up the trade world or increase competition against others, but may actually spur economic activity for non-members


30 May 16

Transatlantic Fellow Peter Sparding of the German Marshall Fund highlights arguments for and against TTIP, specifically analyzing how standards may change with the passage of the EU-US deal