THO Exclusive Insight With Ambassador Lukman Faily

Former Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S. Lukman Faily on KRG Independence Referendum and Regional Realities

Impacts Of The Referandum On Political Leaders

26 Oct 17

Question: Do you think KRG’s referendum and what took place in the aftermath, will have permanent impacts on the region’s political leadership and future?

Iraq’s Post-Referendum Political Climate And Upcoming Elections

26 Oct 17

Question: Could post-referendum developments change the political climate ahead of the elections in Iraq? Could they be postponed?

Plan For Kirkuk

26 Oct 17

Question: Will the uncertainty for Kirkuk, a geopolitically important location, continue? Does the Iraqi central government have a different plan for Kirkuk and its energy policies?

Turkey’s Role in Iraq

26 Oct 17

Question: Would Turkey be a reliable ally to play a strategic role in both Iraq’s and KRG’s future?

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