Exclusive Insight interview with Mouaz Moustafa, Executive Director, Syrian Emergency Task Force

Mouaz Moustafa - The Current Situation in Idlib

26 Sep 18

QUESTION: Can you briefly explain the current situation in Idlib? How are things on the ground now?

Mouaz Moustafa - Precautions for a Chemical Attack in Idlib

26 Sep 18

QUESTION: The threat of a chemical attack in Idlib has been mentioned more and more recently. How strong is the evidence of an apparent chemical attack, if strong, why isn’t the world taking more action to prevent an attack?

Mouaz Moustafa - The UN General Assembly and Idlib

26 Sep 18

QUESTION: Heading into the UN General Assembly, what do you predict will be proposed or resolved in regards to Syria? Given Turkey’s track record regarding Syria, do you think Turkey will make another plea before world leaders?

Mouaz Moustafa - Prediction for U.S. and Turkey’s Future Relationship

26 Sep 18

QUESTION: The U.S. seems to be on the sidelines when it comes to recent Syrian negotiations, is there space for the U.S. to reactivate itself in the negotiations? Is this an opportunity for the U.S. and Turkey to work together?

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