Exclusive Insight interview with Oubai Shahbandar, Fellow with New America's International Security Program

Oubai Shahbandar - Turkey and Russia Agreement

22 Oct 18

QUESTION: How do you comment on the recent agreement by Turkey and Russia in Idlib? Will the deal prevent an all out offensive in the future?

Oubai Shahbandar - Current Situation with F-35’s and S-400

22 Oct 18

QUESTION: Where do things currently stand with the U.S. sale of F-35’s to Turkey? On the other side, are you aware of any progress Turkey has made towards purchasing the S-400?

Oubai Shahbandar - U.S.-Turkey Patrols in Manbij

22 Oct 18

QUESTION: U.S.-Turkey patrols in Manbij are to begin very soon, do you believe this is a first step in improving relations between the two nations? Maybe Manbij can serve as an example?

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