On Turkey’s Regional Role as the next Energy Hub

What Low Oil Prices Mean for Turkey

03 Feb 16

In 2016, the dominant macro theme is the upheaval in oil prices, with oil prices around 30 USD per barrel the impact on Turkey is very complex. David Livingston discusses how Turkey is a major oil importer and beneficiary of low oil prices giving a boost to economic activity

Future Energy Markets Depend on Turkey

03 Feb 16

Turkey has a very important role to play in the global energy scene particularly in the regional picture. Douglas Hengel comments on if Turkey is going to realize its potential reforms need to take place in its energy market particularly regarding natural gas

Foreign Policy Influences Energy Strategies

03 Feb 16

Turkey is geopolitically central to energy spheres in both the Middle East and Europe. Professor Romano discusses the interdependence of Turkey-Russian energy and the implications for their surrounding neighbors