Exclusive Insight with Abdulaziz Tammo

Exclusive Insight interview with Abdulaziz Tammo, President of the Independent Kurdish Association

Abdulaziz Tammo - Remarks on Refugees Being in Turkey

22 Jul 19

QUESTION: Turkey has hosted over 3.5 million refugees over the years. What is your take on these refugees being in Turkey?

Abdulaziz Tammo - The Link Between the YPG and PKK

22 Jul 19

QUESTION: From your view, what is the link between the YPG and the PKK?

Abdulaziz Tammo - The Future of Syria

22 Jul 19

QUESTION: In your own thoughts, where do you think the future of Syria will be like?

Abdulaziz Tammo - Expectations from the U.S. Congress and Officials

22 Jul 19

QUESTION: What is expected of the U.S. when it comes to the crisis in Syria?

Abdulaziz Tammo - Explaining Life in Turkey

22 Jul 19

QUESTION: You have lived in Turkey for the past 5 years, how would you describe your experience living there so far?

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