Exclusive Insight with Abraham Wagner, Senior Research Scholar, Columbia University

Abraham Wagner teaches in the areas of national security and intelligence at Columbia Law School and is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies on Terrorism.  At Columbia he initiated a new course on Cyberlaw and Cybersecurity, and is the co-author of a legal casebook on this subject.  He also gives lectures on national security and counter-terrorism issues, appearing on Fox News and other media.  He has also been a member of the Trump transition team chairing the group on cybersecurity policy.

He writes and consults on national and homeland security issues, with a focus on technical issues, such as the evolving threat from cyberterrorism, issues related to electronic surveillance, and nuclear proliferation.  Outside of Columbia Dr. Wagner serves as a consultant to several U.S. Government agencies.  Prior to joining Columbia in 2005 he served in several U.S. government positions, including the National Security Council Staff, the office of the Director of Central Intelligence and the Department of Defense.

His publications include Domestic Intelligence: Needs and Strategies (2009); Terrorism and Surveillance: The Technical and Legal Context (2007); Terrorism, Global Security and the Law (2007); Meeting the Terrorist Challenge: Coping with Failures of Leadership and Intelligence (2007); Cyber-Terrorism: Evolution and Trends (2004); a four-volume series (with Anthony Cordesman) Lessons of Modern War (Volume 1: The Middle East, Volume 2:  The Falklands and Afghanistan, Volume 3: The Iran-Iraq War; and Volume 4: The Golf War), and Lebanon in Crisis (1975);  He has also published several book chapters, including “Cyberterrorism and the Internet,” in numerous articles, and op ed pieces for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Boston Globe.

Abraham Wagner – Syrian Refugees

13 Jul 18

QUESTION: Where do you see Syria’s future? What could be done better for Syrian refugees?

Abraham Wagner – Turkish National Security

13 Jul 18

QUESTION: Looking back now at the coup attempt two years later, can you speak on the implications to Turkish national security? Now that we know all the facts.

Abraham Wagner – U.S. Assistance to Turkey

13 Jul 18

QUESTION: Has the U.S. Done enough to support their Turkish counterparts in their effort to address the coup attempt?

Abraham Wagner – Assessing the Gulen threat

13 Jul 18

QUESTION: Why do you think the Gulen Movement remains a threat to the U.S. and Turkey? What needs to be done for Gulen extradition?

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