THO Exclusive Insight With Dr. Michael M. Gunter On Regional Security And Strategic Challenges In Syria

Heart of the issue

26 May 17

Question: What really is at the heart of the issues in Syria?

Turkey - KRG relations

26 May 17

Can you give us an idea of the nature of the KRG-Turkey relationship and how it is evolving? If the KRG passed a referendum on independence, where would Turkey stand?

The future of de-escalation zones and U.S.-Turkey cooperation in Syria

26 May 17

Given two recent and controversial events—the U.S. decision to arm the YPG, and Turkey’s decision to work with Russia and Iran in establishing de-escalation zones in Syria—what does the future of U.S.-Turkey cooperation on Syria look like?

Exclusive Insight with THO Advisory Board Member, Renowned Scholar on the Kurdish issue, Michael Gunter: KRG - YPG Relationship

26 May 17

What is the KRG’s view of President Trump’s recent decision to arm the YPG? How do its leaders feel about the decision and its regional implications?

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